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Bio-NetGuard FAQ
What is Bio-NetGuard (BNG)?
BNG is a solution for securing Wi-Fi networks with the most advanced Wi-Fi security and authentication technologies available today. For Wi-Fi security, BNG supports the IEEE 802.11i standard which has been implemented by WPA2.0-Enterprise version (a weaker implementation is WPA-Enterprise version). For authentication, BNG uses the most advanced fingerprint technology.
Does BNG require an external host?
No, BNG does not need an external host as it is a fully contained device. It has its own processor, memory and storage to do the entire job of storing user credentials and authenticating users. It also stores logs capturing details of all the transactions that take place on BNG.
How many users can BNG support?
BNG is available in several configurations. For the small enterprises, BNG can support 10, 50, 150, 250 and 500 users. For larger businesses, BNG can support 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 users. For supporting larger enterprises, please contact Shimon Systems, Inc as mentioned at the bottom of this FAQ.
Which authentication methods does BNG support?
BNG supports the following authentication methods:


Password or
Fingerprint and password.
For multi-factor authentication, do we need multiple BNGs?
No, you do not need multiple BNGs for multifactor authentication as a single BNG can support both fingerprint and password authentication methods. This not only reduces cost but also reduces administrative overhead and provides stronger security.
Which fingerprint sensors does BNG support?
Which Wi-Fi security standards does BNG support?
BNG supports the Enterprise versions of WPA and WPA2.0. WPA2.0 implements the IEEE802.11i standard for Wi-Fi security.
Does the same BNG support both WPA and WPA 2.0?
Yes, a single unit of BNG can supports RADIUS compliant access points running a mix of WPA and WPA 2.0.
Which Wireless Access Points (WAPs) does BNG support?
Is there a limit on the number of WAPs BNG can support?
No, there is no inbuilt limit of the number of WAPs a BNG can support.
Does BNG support roaming?
Yes, BNG support roaming across different RADIUS compliant access points. multi-vendor wireless access points. This protects your existing investment in the equipment as well as allows you to buy the most cost effective equipment in future.
Does BNG support roaming across different vendors’ WAPs?
Yes, BNG supports roaming across multi-vendor WAPs. This protects your existing investment in equipment as well as allows you to purchase the most cost effective equipment in future.
Is there a limit on how many WAPs can be a part of the BNG-supported roaming network?
No, there is no limit on how many WAPs may connect to a BNG.
Does BNG support roaming across different sub-networks?
Yes, BNG supports roaming across different sub-networks. As long as the sub-networks can reach BNG, it will support roaming.
What is involved in integrating BNG in my enterprise network?
BNG is easily and rapidly integrated in your enterprise as it is delivered to you as a fully configured device. To integrate BNG in the enterprise, you will follow the following steps:
Power-up and plug BNG in your intranet.
Configure the BNG unit; create your roaming list; register users on it.
Configure your access points with WPA with RADIUS or WPA2 with RADIUS options; enter the IP number, port number and Shared Secret of BNG.
Install BNG Supplicant on client computers.
Your clients are now ready to be connected to your Wi-Fi network in a secure mode!
What if BNG is not getting detected on my computer/laptop?

Make sure that the firewall on your machine is not blocking the IP and Port number of BNG .If blocked, make sure the you change the settings accordingly to support it.
Also, disable any Internet security feature running on your machine before running BNG Admin UI.

If the fingerprint image is not getting display/capture?
Please, replug the sensor device to get the finger scan image.One needs to unplug and then replug the sensor device to make it active again.
What is SSK ? And why do i need it ?
SSK stands for Shared Secret Key. SSK is a secret pass phrase used for secured communication between Access Point (STA) and BNG (Authentication Server).Same values of SSK should be set on Access Point and BNG.Different values of SSK at access point and BNG will cause communication error between Access Point and BNG leading to authentication failure of clients (using supplicant).
What other materials are available for detailed understanding of BNG?
The following two documents are available on the Shimon Systems website for further information:
BNG Brochure

BNG white paper
”Bio-NetGuard (v 2.x): Fingerprint-based Wireless LAN Access Control”

Who do I contact for further information?
For further information, please contact:
+1-(650) 461-9104
Shimon Systems
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